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    Description of Oval Glass Vessel Sink
    With colorful and stylish designs, the glass sinks have broken the old and exclusive pattern of ceramic sink in recent years, then bringing more new energy to the sanitary market. This bathroom glass wash basin gets much favors depending on premium tempered glass material to safely resist the impacts, unique green color and art style to greatly decorate your bathroom.
    Oval Bathroom Glass Wash Basin
    Above Counter Oval Glass Wash Basin Dimensions and Specifications
    Details of Oval Glass Wash Basin
    1. Dark green and rounded rims have high gloss coming from solid tempered glass material in 12mm.
    2. Standard drain hole is strictly constructed and polished to meet US require of plumbing fixtures.
    3. Sleek and simple lines make the glass sink serve as a beautiful addition to your home and life.
    4. It鈥檚 available to installed on the top of bathroom vanities or countertop, no need opening works.
    The Comparison Of Glass Sink And Ceramic Sink
    For glass sink, various materials can be made of transparent glass, frosted glass, printed glass, etc. It has a good reflection effect, making the bathroom look more crystal. Tempered glass is adopted, which is safe and impact resistant. Rich colors can match the overall decoration style of the bathroom. However, it鈥檚 not resistant to dirt, water stains, soap stains which will be spent on it. After a period of use, the glass surface is easy to rough and fluff, it is difficult to clean, and the gloss will be greatly reduced. It is a new product in the market. The product quality is uneven. The strength of some inferior products is very poor, which makes the product unusable after not being used for a long time.
    For ceramic sink, a single white color is more elegant and white is a universal color, which can be matched with various bathroom styles.The hand-washing tray with good enamel is not easy to be stained and easy to clean. The bathroom is mostly water stains, foam stains, ceramic basins can hide stains well, not dirty. The ceramic is durable. A ceramic basin can basically be used for 10 years and will not be old. Meanwhile, the material is fragile and easy to be damaged if bumped by heavy objects. There is moderate style and no personality.
    Comparing the two wash basins, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Decoration is never an easy task for us. From the overall planning before the decoration to the control of the details during construction, it takes enough experience and patience, so you must do enough homework before the decoration.Buy Other Shape Glass Sinks