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    1. Product Introduction

    The shrimp flake is the kind of wonderful fodder for seedlings at their early age. The shrimp flakes in our company have rich nutrition and high quality, which are suitable for baby fishes. Our products have many kinds of nutrition like
    amino acid,vitamin, mineral substance and unsaturated fattyacid. Our products can promote seedlings’ digestive absorption, increase their growth speed and improve survival rate. Moreover, our products are so fit, and will not affect water quality. Shrimp flakes are beneficial for seedlings’ appetite, thus they are superb.

    2. Product Ingredient
    Fish meal, brine shrimp, wheat flour, extracted torula yeast, fish oil,carotene, nature pigment, lecithin, multivitamin.

    3. Product Feature
    The shrimp flakes in our company have high class protein extracted from brine shrimp and other animals, and they are the excellent diets for all tropical fishes. We can use brine shrimp flakes instead of lived brine shrimps and add red or yellow pigments as per your requirement. Through advanced process, our products have abundant nutrition and do not have impurity.

    4. Feeding Instruction
    Feed only as much as your fish will consume within a few minutes, around five times every day. Avoid overfeeding.
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