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    Plate horizontal shifting parking system
    Plate horizontal shifting mechanical parking system is using a rolling plate to load and make horizontal shifting.
    Key components:
    Lift,sliding trolley,intelligent load carrier,steel structure,pallet,safety device,and electrical control system.
    General Perfomance Detail
    Car TypeZ-typeD-typeT-typeK-type
    Car SizeLength(mm)4700500053005000
    Lifting motor power7.5kw-22kw
    Lifting speed 30-60m/min
    Sliding motor power1.5 kw
    Sliding speed34.3m/min
    Access motor power0.4 kw
    Access speed6.4m/min
    Driving modeMotor chain
    Control modePLC(Programmable logic controller)
    Operation methodTouch screen,Button,IC card
    Working principle:
    In garage with multilayer multiple rows,the middle space is load carrier’s travelling lane with parking space in two sides.The entrance is with lifts for vertical lifting.Automatic sliding trolley rapidly moves along with lanes to deliver intelligent load carrier and vehicles.Intelligent load carriers can realize vehicle access exchange with lifts or parking spaces.Exchange modes are plate-type,comb-finger type and rubber-tyred holding.Plate exchanging mode needs only intelligent load carrier.Horizontal Shifting Parking System China