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    Product Details
    Germanium metal ingot
    Introduction for Germanium ingot
    SHEN ZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD produces metallic Germanium Ingots with the highest possible density. Ingots are generally the least costly metallic form and useful in general applications. Our standard Ingot size is nominally 2-3 cm x 3-8 cm x 6-18 cm. Materials are produced using crystallization, solid state and other ultra high purification processes such as sublimation. BBIE specializes in producing custom compositions for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies.
    Features of Ge metal
    BBIEN specializes in customizing high-purity Germanium, monocrystalline Germanium in forms of round / granules / piece.
    1. Customized zone refined Germanium or crystal particle size 200mesh typically for Ge powder
    2. High purity raw material Germanium metal 4N,5N, 6N,
    3. Wide range of application like metallurgy, chemical reagent organometallic compounds,tetraethylgermane, which are useful in organometallic chemistry.
    4. It is obtained from zinc ores and certain coals. Germanium is insoluble in dilute acid and alkali, but soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid/nitric acid.
    Germanium metal 5N 99.999% used for semiconductor industry
    Ge metal application:Main Application: Used to produce various types of germanium mono-crystalline materials.It can be sed for making Mo powder and other semiconductor industry usage;Electronic pulse and medical equipment, cutting equipment and electrode application.
    The germanium metal ingot
    is widely used in the electronic industry, hitech sealing materials, and in vacuum coating.Soldering industry,e.g. for solder paste,make shiny joints.
    Besides, we can do processing against buyer’s raw material as requested.It is also used extensively as a semiconductor in transitors, solar cells, and optical materials. Other applications include acting an alloying agent, as a phosphor in fluorescent lamps, and as a catalyst.
    Technical data of Germanium Ingot
    Specification and chemistry component
    SpecificationGermanium small block/ingot
    AppearanceLucent,no dirt on surface
    Testing Qty 200g
    Chemical component
    99.999%Metal impurity(ppm weight)
    Alloy component and physical characteristic
    Alloy componentMelting pointDensity g/cm3Moh’s hardness Carrier concentration/ cm3Extend
    (20℃)Carrier mobility
    Germanium metal938℃5.35650ΩNaNAbove 3.7×104
    Physical Properties
    atomic mass72.6472.59
    density (g/cm3)5.55.35
    melting point (°C)high947
    oxide typerefractory dioxiderefractory dioxide
    oxide density (g/cm3)4.74.7
    oxide activityfeebly basicfeebly basic
    chloride boiling point (°C)under 10086 (GeCl4)
    chloride density (g/cm3)1.91.9
    Specification of Ge metal
    Product NameHigh Purity Germanium powder
    Appearancesiver- white hard and brittle solid
    Molecular FormulaGe
    Molecular Weight72.59
    Melting Point937.4°C
    Boiling Point2800°C
    Resistivity:≥ 50 Ω•cm (20±0.5 °C)
    Density5.325 g/cm3
    CAS No.7440-56-4
    EINECS No.231-164-3
    Health & Safety:
    BBIEN high purity germanium(Ge) ingot product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to health or the environment. Read the Material safety Data Sheet and warning label before using this product.
    Suitable protective clothing should be worn to prevent the material from coming in contact with skin and eyes.
    Storage and Shelf Life
    Germanium metal should be stored at room temperature in a tightly packed bag. It has a
    minimum shelf life of 24 months after delivery. Germanium metal ingot is also determined by the alloy and its resistance to oxidation, as well as the storage container and the conditions in which it is stored.
    Packing for germanium metal
    Package of Metal Germanium
    Germanium Ingot:500 or 1kg
    Germanium Block:500g per bag
    Germanium STick:300g-500g per piece.
    Germanium metals are packaged with vacuum package. We can create specialized packaging to meet specific needs,
    Germanium Ingot Exported Countries:
    BBIEN Germanium Ingot have been exported to Iran,Russia,Germany,Korea,Taiwan,Bangladesh,Israel,Hongkong, Japan,India…We are appreciated your kindly feedback and inquiries.
    Products Photos
    Advantage And Service
    Germanium metal ingot
    Products Advantage
    .BBIEN is specialized in soldering industry from 2000, known as a experienced tin solder and allied metal manufacturer, whose products are made in China,since then,BBIEN pays high attention to Research and Development,continuous technical innovation for pb and pb free solder wire industry,until now,we accumulate much valuable experience,five senior solder wire engineers operate a specialized reflowing solder wire production.
    BBIEN germaniums metal can be not only applied to tradional electronics pcb,electronics soldering,but also its application for some new hi-tech industry, semiconductor.LED,aerospace,automotive.
    Thanks to BBIEN long-term unremitting R&D for Ge metal technique,until now,BBIEN have the following purity Ge metal standards items,4N,5N high purity.
    Shipping Advantage
    Mutiple-transportation oversea shipping ways by ari,by sea,by train and truck road way ensuring the shipment can arrive at destination all around the world safety ,quickly and efficiently.
    Shipment can be deliveried once placing order 2 to 10 working days.
    Shipment will be regular go through local custom and its warehouse,BBIEN has own specialized shipping team and operators agent all over the world.
    Technical Advantage
    BBIEN can share the datasheet for our product to our clients.
    Certificates of compliance,SGS,ISO and COA,MSDS,are available.
    We are tyring to make our product quality system more and more complete, BBIEN also appreciate your precious suggestion.
    Both pre-sale and after-sale,BBIEN have skilled person to follow-up our client,reply answer for reasonable price,relevant quality standard,products data informations,shipping for your questions skillfully,quickly,technical support is available.
    When you send us message,BBIEN will feedback you general within 2 working hours.Our customer service or sales person will be match with you above 10-24hours. And solve your problem on solder products.
    Return back to society
    BBIEN also participates public benefit activities,return back to society.We support and want to create a environmental friendly society together with people.We also try our best to help someone who need us.
    Payment way:
    A variety and flexible of payment terms,T/T,western union,paypal,
    BBIEN Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of germanium metal ingot 99.999%. We have professional workers who have consummate skills producing high quality products in our factory. Welcome to buy our discount and low price germanium metal ingot 99.999% made in China. Pricelist and quotation consultation are available if you need.Special Metal factory